Middle Market Turnaround Focus
Capital Structure Flexibility
Bespoke Capital Solution Advantage


Corre specializes in turnaround investing in the middle market, a segment where a large universe of underfollowed companies face increasingly diminished access to capital versus their larger capitalized peers. Moreover, when challenges arise for these middle market companies, access to capital is further restricted, often resulting in outsized dislocation that allows for meaningfully cheaper valuation entry points for investors willing to underwrite select but often complex turnarounds.  Corre targets these companies in transition, aiming to capitalize on what we see as a supply-demand imbalance stemming from a lack of institutional investor attention to this space as they gravitate towards larger, less complex situations that are easier to underwrite. With a focus on this less trafficked corner of the market, Corre believes it can drive higher returns on invested capital by driving the business “fixes” necessary for a successful turnaround.


Across the Capital Structure

Corre’s underwriting process provides for tactical investing in either credit or equity, enabling us to initiate an investment position that optimizes the risk/reward specific to each situation. As a turnaround accelerates and drives material operational and balance sheet improvement, Corre can also leverage its ability to shift across the capital structure by investing in equities either outright or through restructured debt to fully capitalize on the upside value unlocked from these positive changes and ultimate market readoption.

Quality Businesses with Multiple Paths to a Positive Outcome

We avoid businesses that are in secular decline, hopeful miracles or consistent money losers. Most turnarounds do not succeed, so our burden in the investment selection process is proving not only why each investment will work but also why it is the right opportunity with an appropriate risk/return skew.

Ownership Mindset

We aim to know our companies better than anyone else and approach our diligence as if we own them outright regardless of the targeted security.  This ownership mindset drives our research deeper and away from a short-term outlook while often leading to active and constructive engagement with our companies that maximizes our return outcomes.

Mitigate Downside Risk

We de-risk our investment at the outset through detailed turnaround scenario planning and continually asking the question, “What can go wrong?” Targeted security selection, board representation where appropriate, active engagement with management and other key stakeholders and a dedicated short book focused on hedging higher beta investments additionally help mitigate risk.

Capital Solutions

We have a proven advantage in providing tailored financing solutions to companies in need on an expedited basis.

Concentrated & Differentiated Portfolios

Our portfolios do not resemble our peers’ portfolios given our focus on under-followed middle-market companies and how we implement our strategy.

Investment Targets

Our team sources new investments from across a wide range of sectors with a focus largely on North American headquartered businesses. Our target companies are either in turnaround or experiencing a temporal dislocation that has led to their securities pricing at deep discounts to intrinsic value.

We concentrate on under-followed situations where we can gain an edge and do not shy away from complexity, capitalizing on shrinking credit and equity research in this area.  Our diligence process aims to find companies to invest in where we can identify and help to implement “fixes” that will unlock value over time.