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Corre Partners is an alternative asset manager focused on making opportunistic, deep-value investments across the capital structure in middle market companies that are experiencing temporal challenges. We target under-followed companies in turnaround and our investments may include restructurings, stressed opportunities and other special situations including bespoke capital solutions. Founded in 2009, we manage over $1 billion across evergreen and drawdown vehicles.
Middle market companies in transition with capital structure and business complexity often lose investor attention. Defined broadly by Corre as having enterprise values between $400 million and $4 billion, these companies are not easily accessible by our larger peers. Corre is fully dedicated to this underfollowed corner of the market, bringing diversification to our clients’ portfolios with our differentiated deep value, turnaround investment approach.

Dedicated to the Middle Market

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Our Team

John Barrett and Eric Soderlund, our Co-Founders, began working together in 2006. Corre’s investment style leverages their complementary skill sets honed from past experiences working across public and private markets, investing in debt and equity, trading and overseeing risk management.


Since Corre's inception in 2009, we have built a specialized and cohesive team of investment, business development and operations professionals. Our senior team has had no turnover. Over time, our investment team has grown to include six partners in total with turnaround experience across industries. We believe in everyone having a say at the table providing for thorough scrutiny, and ultimately the highest conviction, in our investments.